Business Liability insurance Florida

Advantages of Business Liability Insurance Florida

In the economy status of American states, Florida ranks 4th position out of 50. According to the Federal rules, Businesses that employ less than 500 will come under the category of small business and there are around 2 million small businesses in this state. There are around 5, 00, 000 employers that employ nearly 98% of the employees Source: SBA Florida Small Business Profile 2008. This makes this sector a very important one. Business Liability insurance Florida for injuries and deaths caused in work place is mandatory according to Federal and Florida laws but general liability insurance that gives greater protection to the employers is not mandatory but they give the vital protection to employers from injuries or death caused by him or his employees to a third person.

General Liabilities Policy

The protection from general liability commercial insurance includes not only the bodily injuries that is caused at the premises of the client but will also cover damages to third person property due to the nature of client’s business. It will also cover such things that come under personal injury category like slander, invasion on privacy, wrongful eviction, trespass and other such things charged against the client or his employees. The Business Liability insurance Florida will also cover injuries that occur at the time of advertising or marketing the client’s product. It will also pay for defending frivolous suits brought against the client or the employees.


The state of Florida is famous for its high number of litigations and most often plaintiffs are awarded with favorable judgments. If you have many assets, it will not be a bad investment if you purchase a comprehensive commercial liability policy. There are many limited liability policies for small businesses. You can opt for such policies if you think that you may not get charged for higher liabilities. Larger your company with large number of employers and with the risk of doing businesses in third party or public premises, then it will be wiser to opt for a comprehensive  liability policy.